About CSYC
Our goal is to provide youth between the ages of thirteen and eighteen an opportunity to experience fun, excitement, growth and a healthy lifestyle in a perfect setting during the summer months. Our purpose is to provide a safe and nourishing environment for children during the first quarter of their lives.

While at summer camp, each child will meet new friends, learn life skills, develop value-based social skills and live with their peers for one week on site. Summer camp will be an easy transition from home for campers. Although homesickness is a natural feeling experienced by campers, our trained staff will be aware of each camper’s emotional adjustment.For example, counselor’s will encourage all campers to talk about concerns or fears they may experience and help them to get involved in camp activities. Activities are designed to have them feel secure within days of camp.

We screen and choos the staff carefully because we want our campers to have a fun-filled summer camp experience!
The camp is staffed with a Camp Director, Ass. Director, for Counselors and Volunteers.

Meals/Camp Store
All meals will be prepared by campers, under the supervision of a certified Food Service Manager. Laundry services will also be done on-site. The on-site camp store will be open 3-4 times per wiik, where campers will be able to purchase candy, chips, sodas and additional camp shorts or t-shirts through their spending account.

Become A Sponsor
By becoming a sponsor, you will be able to help give a child an opportunity like no other. That child will be able to attend Crescent Summer Youth Camp, where they will meet lifelong friends, learn important life lessons and have a positive, enjoyable summer experience. The child in which you sponsor will be happy to know that their church, school, community leader, clergyman or principal gave them this opportunity and you will be glad to know that you helped.

Building 236 104th Street Mid-Delta Regional Airport • Greenville, MS 38702
Thomas Haynes, Director
[C] 662.390.7270