It’s that time again! Our 7th annual TH5K is on it’s way!
This is year 7 and it will be our best year yet! Join us in the grand celebration!

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Thomas and Tawanna Haynes

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Being former track stars/athletes, we both know and understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle for kids and adults. We started T&T Enterprises to meet this need through our different non-profit programs. The Treyon Haynes 5K, Crescent Summer Youth Camp and Mentor Me programs all help in aiding with consistently reaching this goal.

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Summer Camp Fun!
Crescent Summer Youth Camp is a co-ed facility that was birthed by T & T Enterprise to foster a commitment to community youth. This camp helps promote social friendship, strong interpersonal skills, teamwork and developing an overall healthy lifestyle. Our Mission: To Assist, Inspire and Empower youth toward becoming Stewards of their Destiny.

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Helping young men be responsible!
MentorMe is a program that focuses on teaching young men between the ages of 12-17 about being responsible and making the right choices, the first time. MentorMe partners older adult men with younger men to mentor them in the areas of self-respect, family, community and spirituality.

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